Chicklet Storage Unit

Chicklet Storage Unit

The Brief

To create a bespoke solution for the safe storage of chicklets*
* Chicklet – a small expensive fabric colour samples c/w reference codes, approx size 50mm x 50mm

Existing Unit

  • Currently 5 number filing cabinets used, much too large, not space efficient and un-user friendly
  • Chicklets have to be doubled up in one foolscap file and are
    sometimes lost down open sides of file
  • Difficult to view the chicklets when leafing through as the dividers
    are so deep and packed tight
  • Chicklets are often put back in wrong files by mistake
  • Foolscap labels prone to falling out

Design development

  • Analysed chicklets and how they are used
  • Considered all aspects of the brief
  • Developed various options

Works/Materials involved

  • Laminated MDF
  • Laminated MDF
  • Bespoke acrylic flip dividers


  • Creation of a bespoke, space efficient, user friendly unit
  • 5 ft. sq. of floor space saved
  • Drawers design around the size of the chicklets
  • Specially developed labeled acrylic dividers improving speed of access
  • Chicklets are stored one behind the other and therefore no doubling up required
  • Chicklets incapable of falling out and being lost in bottom drawer
  • Chicklets used in conjunction with light box, which now sits above saving time and motion